Honestly I’m not happy with the current story of Starry Dreams or the characters- they’re pretty flat, since they’re replacement characters; Mason is based off of my older OC Mason (version 1), except toned down so to speak and a lot less of an asshole, while Frederika was created more of just a love interest to replace Mason v1’s original love interest.Because they’re both copy/replacement OCs I just feel like they’re extremely dull and kinda pushed to the side because they were made quickly. 

The changes will consist of me probably rewriting all of SD that I had coded already, since I think it’s sloppy and I’ve learned a lot more about Ren’py since then. I probably won’t change the art except for the backgrounds, but I will be changing Frederika and Mason’s personalities to more extremes. Frederika will be a quiet, timid person who doesn’t speak a lot while Mason will get a change towards Mason v1 and become more snarky and rude, specifically to strangers, A.K.A. the player. 

Probably the biggest change though will be that SD will be free to play the full version. Originally I was going to charge probably $2 for the full version with an updated demo, but now I don’t even feel like the changed script will be worth that much, and I know people won’t download the game to begin with, so charging for it will make probably $10, if I’m lucky enough to find 5 people to even pay for it. So, it’s gonna be completely free.

I’m sorry about these changes if you disagree with them, I just feel like this game needs a major face lift before I finish with it so I can be happy with it.

On a happier note, I just released a f2p full visual novel with lesbians~~ 

Starry Dreams Demo is now available! 

Ever want to play a Visual Novel with:

  • Non-binary main characters
  • POC in higher classes and jobs
  • A cute, romantic story with no annoying heartbreak
  • A healthy relationship centered around two people who love each other for who they are

Then read Starry Dreams! Starry Dreams is centered around a non-binary couple (Frederika and Mason) who live together and have a dream of owning their own bakery someday. You play as their new neighbor, and as you play along your choices affect what they think about you and even whether or not they build a bakery!

This game is created by MikomiKisomi and is currently in progress but set to be released as a full game come the end of summer. Please follow the main blog on tumblr or my deviantART for updates.

Do you like Visual Novels?

Do you like visual novels with:

  • Non-binary main characters
  • POC in high class jobs
  • A cute romantic story with no heartbreak

Then you’ll love Starry Dreams! Starry Dreams is a Visual Novel centered around Mason and Frederika, two non-binary people who live together and hope to create their own bakery someday. Help them reach their dreams as you play as their neighbor. There are many choices in the game that affect dialogue, what they think about you, and possibly whether or not they can reach their dreams!

Please visit this blog to read updates on the game’s progress.